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I'm Taniqua

We all have that friend we call when we need frank, on the spot advice with a little splash of sass and love… Meet Dr Taniqua Miller. As a wife and mom to three children and one fur baby, Dr. Miller knows firsthand the challenges of modern living. She revels in spending time with her besties and finding that connection sometimes lacking in the doctor’s office.


Having hot flashes? Boo, I have a fix for that! Trying to cope with the demands of a newborn and balancing your toddler on your lap? Love, we need to talk about getting you some help. Always poignant and always on point, Dr. Miller is every woman’s girlfriend… with a medical degree. 

Empowerment through
Education, Confidence & Community

As a women's health physician myself, I want all women and girls to journey through life's transitions with the support to promote education, build confidence, and create community.
TaniquaMD's promise is an empowerment framework that will: 

  1. provide evidence-based education unique to your life stage

  2. boost confidence through education and support

  3. create a community of other amazing women and girls.

Allow me to gracefully guide you through the monumental stages of girlhood and womanhood. 

Whether you are in between, on, or approaching any of these stages, I am here for you. 

Which season of life are you in?

"Taniqua MD is a home for all women and girls to thrive and journey through life's transitions with confidence, awe, and power from within." 


Dr. Taniqua

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